Atalay Yörükoğlu

Hi, my name’s Atalay but I’m better known as Ati. I have worked as a Graphic Designer, Website Building Expert, Digital Marketing Executive, and Search Engine Marketing Executive since 2008.

With the knowledge and experience I have, I am currently providing digital marketing support to the health institution where I am a partner.

If you need any help with digital marketing, contact us, and let’s develop business together ✌🏻


Website Building Expert

Creates websites for clients using website-building platforms such as WordPress or a programming language such as HTML.


Online Advertising Executive

Creates and develops advertisement strategies and works with marketers, creative artists, and copywriters to create advertising content to promote a company’s products or services.


Search Engine Marketing Executive

Works to increase a website’s ranking on search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, by utilizing Search-Engine-Optimisation techniques to increase the traffic and visibility of a client’s website.

Atalay Yörükoğlu

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